Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Solution Provider Network?

The Polygon Solution Provider Network (“SPN”) is a global community of middleware, infrastructure, and dev tool providers building on Polygon protocols. Through this community, developers* can connect with their desired Solution Providers (“SPs”) to supercharge their decentralized applications, and Solution Providers* can demonstrate their product, case studies, and code samples to reach more developers as well as engaging more deeply with the Polygon ecosystem.

Examples of solution providers include fiat on-ramps, bridge providers, oracles, RPC providers, and more. Developers refer to individuals, businesses, and enterprises that build decentralized applications (“dApps”) on Polygon protocols.

What are the key features of the SPN?

The SPN is an iterative, long-term project with various features including but not limited to:
  • The SPN website which acts as the connecting tissue between developers and SPs;
  • Gamified experience for SPs that would like to gain more visibility within the Polygon ecosystem; and
  • Guides and reference implementations for developers to explore SPs in practice.

What are the benefits of participating in the SPN?

For SPs, the main benefit of participating in the SPN is discoverability: SPs get a chance to showcase their product, case studies, and code samples in a developer-friendly way. In addition to providing discoverability to SPs, SPN’s points and badges based engagement model provides incentives to the participating SPs to complete low effort / high impact tasks to get more visibility within the Polygon ecosystem.

For developers, the main benefit of using the SPN is connecting: developers can search, find, and connect with a variety of SPs directly through the SPN website. Participating SPs commit to responding to the connection requests they receive in a timely manner, ensuring that developers can actually contact their team to discuss potential integration or development opportunities.

How do I participate in the SPN?

If you are an SP, all you need to do is to fill out the SP Intake Form and ensure that you are already integrated with at least one of the Polygon protocols including Polygon PoS, zkEVM, CDK-developed chains, and Miden (in the future). Polygon Labs will use the information provided to populate your internal and developer-facing profiles. In the future, as more functionality is added to the project, you will have the opportunity to manage your own profile.

If you are a developer, you can simply use the publicly available SPN website to search, find, and connect with the SPs you would like to work with.

What are points and badges as part of the SPN?

The idea behind points and badges is to provide a way for SPs participating to get more visibility. Without such a mechanism, SPN becomes a dull directory that does not add much value to the participating SPs.

Simply, the points and badges mechanism works in the following way:
  • Solution providers can earn points by completing certain tasks
  • Solution providers can unlock badges that are displayed on the SPN profiles by completing a given task a certain number of times (think of badges as milestones for a given task)

Note: In the future, solution providers will be able to use their accumulated points to redeem various non-financial rewards offered as part of the SPN. Examples of these rewards include co-marketing opportunity with Polygon Labs, event collaboration opportunity with Polygon Labs, landing page placement opportunity on the SPN website, and more.

Importantly, this mechanism is intentionally designed to not only guide participating SPs to take actions that make a real and positive impact in the Polygon ecosystem but also a way for them to portray their achievements, establish further credibility, and reach hundreds of developers in the Polygon ecosystem to use their solutions.

How do I earn points?

COMING SOON - SPs can earn points by completing the tasks listed below. These tasks are carefully selected after speaking to tens of SPs as low effort activities that the majority of SPs already perform with high impact to the Polygon ecosystem.

The points awarded for a given task are calculated based on two factors: the amount of effort involved in completing the task and the perceived value of that task to the Polygon ecosystem. The list of tasks to earn points will be continuously updated with feedback from the SPs as well as the needs of the Polygon ecosystem.
To earn points after completing a task, everytime you complete a task, you will be filling up a simple form. This form will also be available on your SPN profile.

How do I unlock badges?

COMING SOON - SPs can earn badges that will be displayed in their SPN profiles by completing a given task a certain number of times as explained below:
  • Posting Polygon-related content on social media: Ambassador badge
  • Publishing Polygon-related case studies, blog posts, or demos: Builder badge
  • Provide vouchers to developers as part of Polygon Village: Giver badge

Badges are a simple and visual way for SPs to show their achievements associated with a given task, while garnering visibility and credibility. As such, badges are similar to milestones for each task and are a simple way of having a track record of task completions that otherwise would NOT have been tracked.
It is also important to note that the tasks that SPs complete to unlock badges are carefully selected as low effort / high impact activities that the majority of SPs ALREADY perform - SPN is not intended to be an additional burden to the SPs.

With additional badges like the Innovator, the Grower, and the Educator still underway, the list of SPN badges will continuously be growing.

How do I redeem rewards?

In the near future, SPs will be able to redeem rewards by using their points.

Please note that, SPN is committed to providing the participating SPs with the best possible experience. As part of this commitment, SPN is carefully rolling out rewards as most of the rewards are non-financial in nature and will require manual processing and coordination by the Polygon Labs team. Your patience is appreciated.

Are points and badges mandatory?

Earning points and unlocking badges are not required to be listed in the SPN. That said, points and badges have two main advantages:
  1. Points and badges act like simple guidelines provided to SPs on key low effort / high impact tasks they can complete to add value to the Polygon Ecosystem and get recognized by developers.
  2. In the near future, points will allow participating SPs to redeem a variety of rewards that help them grow their business.

Will I be discriminated against if I don't get a badge?

Most definitely not. The core value proposition of the SPN is to facilitate and increase connections between Polygon developers and SPs. With or without badges, all SPs that are available on Polygon protocols will have access to the SPN

What is Polygon Labs' role in SPN?

Polygon Labs serves a limited role in the administration of the SPN by reviewing and accepting SPN forms from prospective SPN members, and in a neutral fashion, showcasing the availability of Solution Provider products and services to developers. Importantly, Polygon Labs is not a party to any transaction between SPs and developers, will not assist in resolving any disputes between the parties, and is not financially or otherwise liable for any engagements between SPs and developers connecting through the SPN. Please refer to the Code of Conduct for further details.